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There are just those days when it's hard to get out of bed. And don't we all have experienced that nerve wrecking moment when your boss told you not to be late for tomorrow's  very important meeting at 9:00 am and you wake up the next day and it's already 8:45?

If you're late, superiors and peers always assume you're not that serious about your career and we don't want that kind of impression at the workplace. Check out these innovative alarm clocks that'll make sure you get out of bed on time.

1. "Silence" Alarm Clock

It's technically not an alarm clock since it doesn't have an alarm but has something way much better at waking you wake up. Before going to bed, you wear a wireless rubber bracelet with a built-in vibrating device that goes off on your set time. The snooze function is engaged by shaking your hand. However, each successive snooze you desire, more movement is required to engaged it again making you finally wake up from the physical activity. Isn't it brilliant?!

It's still a conceptual alarm clock though so it's not yet available in the market, but we're be definitely waiting for it.

2. SnūzNLūz Wifi Donation Alarm Clock

Here's one that'll make you jump out of bed right away!

Here's how to set it up. Just connect the SnūzNLūz online via cable or wifi. Once connected, select you online banking institution from the list of supported banks (1600 banks are supported). Input your login information. Then select a charity or non-profit organization of your choice from 6,200 supported charitable institutions.

What this alarm clock does is that every time you snooze it, it automatically transfers money from your bank account to your choice of charity. So when you fail to get-up, it actually costs you. That's one hell of a reason to wake up. Cause if you don't, you might go broke! Buy it here.

3. Blowfly Alarm Clock

This alarm clock comes with a flying propeller that is activated on your set time. The siren then begins to wail and the only way to stop it is for your to to get out of bed, find the plastic propeller and put it back on the clock. By the time you stop the siren, you're already awake. Buy it here.

Here's a video demo.

Lastly, we have the...

4. Carpet Alarm Clock

The only way to turn this clock's alarm off (yes, it's still considered a clock because of it's small lcd screen that displays time) is to step on it, therefore physically forcing you to get out from bed and stand. Genius! If you want to make sure you really wake up, place it far from the bed so you'll be forced to walk as well.

These are some inventive stuff we have here. Get one and you'll have no more late days at work! Make that your 1st new year's resolution.
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